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The Team

We are a perfect blend of creativity and wizardry. We're the best people formula for digital publishing. At Publiseer, we bring publishing, design, and technology together in one place. We work at Publiseer because we believe that digital publishing is the future. We know that technology can transform the world of publishing. Meet the team that makes your work stand out, be its best, and even attract more fans. We want to see more great works by Africans, so we're building the platform that will make this happen.

Co-Founder and CEO
Chidi Nwaogu
Chidi oversees the entire publishing process at Publiseer.

Co-founder and CTO
Chika Nwaogu
Chika develops the technology on which Publiseer runs smoothly upon.

Dapo Ogundipe
Dapo designs your awesome book and album covers.

Ose Okojie
Ose is the product development guy.

Melvin Nwabueze
Melvin develops marketing strategies at Publiseer.

Stephen Oduntan
Steve is the PR guy at Publiseer.

The press love us, and we love them too!

We were pleased to be reviewed by these lovely publications. It hasn't only grown our reputation, but has also made our team most determined to provide the best in digital publishing.
Twin brothers launch platform for authors, artistes

The Nation

"Publiseer, a platform that publishes the works of... authors and artistes for free, has received top reviews..."

This Nigerian Startup Is Helping Creatives Independently Publish And Distribute Their Work


"With the number of creatives on their platform, Publiseer is now one of the largest independent digital publishers in Africa."

These guys want to distribute your music and books all over the web free of stress


"This is another good look avenue for artists and book authors who want to focus on getting other important stuff done after their hardwork."

Twins float platform for authors, artists


"Publiseer, a platform to help struggling... authors and artists publish their works everywhere for free..."

...and many more!

At the moment, Publiseer is only open to African authors and artists. In the near future, we'll expand our services to authors and artists in other continents.

What folks are tweeting about us

Here are lovely tweets about Publiseer from all around Twitter

YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR BOOKS OR MUSIC FOR FREE IN #NIGERIA … Feat @wearepubliseer@inventiveafrica

Publiseer is a member of SensXFellowship, G-57,, and the International Publishing Distribution Association.