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Here’s everything you need to know about Publiseer.

Publiseer is a free digital publishing platform for independent African authors and artists.
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Why Publiseer?
Publiseer is the lifeline for every young and budding African author and artist. Even more so, for established African authors and artists, who are seeking ways to sell their work on the World Wide Web. It’s critical for authors and artists to reach their fans and attract new fans that rely on trusted stores like Amazon, Google Play store and Apple store to drive their discovery experience.

Publiseer lets African authors and artists sell their books and music respectively, on over 400 major online stores worldwide, including Amazon, Google Play store, and Apple store. We are free, and always will be, so they don’t have to worry about paying any publishing fees. Now, they can put all their budget into marketing their work.

How it works
An author or artist send us their work. We decide whether or not we want to publish their work. From experience, we publish less than 50% of the works sent to us. The major reason we’ll reject a submission is in an event where the work submitted to us is much lower than our accepted quality. However, we thrive to re-format books and re-master songs sent to us, so that they can meet our standard.

In the event that Publiseer accepts to publish a work sent to us, we would contact the author or artist who sent the work to us, notifying them of our decision. We do not contact authors or artists whose work we reject. Typically, we take less than 5 working days to decide if we’ll be publishing a work or not, so if an author or artist doesn’t hear from us within 5 working days, it simply means we won’t be publishing their work.

When we accept to publish a work, we work overtime to ensure that we give the author or artist the best publishing experience possible.

How do we plan to make the world a better place?
By providing a free and quality digital publishing platform to young and budding African authors and artists who have don't the resources to publish their work.

Our competitors and what makes us tick
Our competitors include BookBaby and CDBaby, both sister companies. Our competitive advantage is that while other digital publishers publish books and music by charging authors and artists an extortionate publishing fee, we provide quality digital publishing for free. Many African authors and artists spend so much on publishing their work that they run out of money and are unable to promote their book or album. This is where Publiseer comes into the big picture and into full effect. We are the digital publishing company for the third world.

We're the first of our kind!
When you think of free and quality digital publishing, think Publiseer. Many young and budding authors and artists in African countries live on a dollar per day, just as in any third world nation, and thus cannot afford to publish their works by paying for the publishing process. As a result of this, these works remain unpublished for years. Most of these works are breathtaking and many of these authors and artists are exceptionally talented, but their talent is put to waste because they don’t have the money to pay for publishing. That’s what Publiseer was created to do. We were created to publish these beautiful works for free, and in turn for a little share of the revenue generated from the sale of these works.

We don’t want our talents in Africa to waste away, and this happens when their works lay around with them for years, undiscovered. Our mission is to sell the creativity of Africans to the rest of the world and to promote the beautiful African culture through written words (books) and spoken words (music). Publiseer gives undiscovered authors and artists their first step towards success. With us, they don’t have to worry about publishing, because we take care of that. All they need to worry about is promoting their work. And the beautiful part of it all is that they never lose money promoting because we make sure that their work is everywhere that matters, for everyone who is interested, to purchase a copy.

Why do most startups fail and why won’t Publiseer fail?
Most startups fail because the team members are not passionate about what they are doing. Passion drives a startup better than a financial incentive. If a startup only sets out to make a profit from day one, then the startup has failed from the very beginning. A startup should be more focused on solving an immediate need. Profit comes from a good reputation, and that’s what we are building at Publiseer, a reputable digital publishing platform that Africans will be proud of.

Publiseer is built upon the vision and hard-work of the founders and a team effort put upon by fellow employees
The success of a business is built upon both the vision and hard work of the founders and the effort put in by the team players. The founders and their employees play a vital role in the foundation of a business. Everybody is needed to build a solid foundation, from the top managers of the business to the little ones, even the interns. Nobody is negligible. That’s the mentality we have in Publiseer, everybody matters in our growth, even our clients.

At Publiseer, we trust more on a kick-ass team than abundant resources
At Publiseer, we believe that the most important for a startup is a kick-ass team. Resources is good but is useless without a good team. Every day, we are working at odd hours to build an outstanding digital publishing platform that appeals and connects with our target audience, and create a black hole that retains them forever.

What we don’t do
We don't publish books or songs that promote or encourages hate or violence.
We don't publish plagiarized or pirated works.
We don't publish books under 1,000 words and songs under 1 minute.
We don't accept submissions via snail mail.
We don't buy book or music rights from an author or artist.
We don’t pay an advance to secure a book or music deal.

We pay our authors and artists 25 percent of the selling price of their work. Publiseer gets 25% too, and the stores typically keep the remaining 50%. This means if the selling price of an author’s book is $3.99, the author gets $1 (₦360) for every unit of their book that sells. In such event, if the author’s book sells 10,000 copies, the author makes $10,000. They'll have access to a client portal to track where your work has been published on and how many units you have sold so far. A cumulative minimum of $20 (₦7,200) has to be accrued 30 days prior to payment of royalties. This is to avoid excessive bank charges and losses due to fraudulent purchases. We’ll send the author or artist an email notification when a unit of their work is sold.

Some of the stores we publish on
Bookstores: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd, Playster, and OverDrive.
Music stores: Amazon, Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple iTunes, Deezer, Shazam, Claromusica, and Tidal.

What we offer for free
1. A professional and beautiful cover
2. A unique ISBN/UPC number
3. Worldwide book/music distribution
4. Inclusion in our monthly press release
5. Standard book formatting/Quality music mastering
6. EPUB/FLAC file conversion for easy distribution

What we offer for a little fee
Fast-Track Publishing: You can pay to skip the long queue of submissions in order to get your work published immediately, else you have to wait your turn to be published, which is typically two weeks. Fast-track publishing helps you boycott the long queue straight to the front, and get your work published for ₦3,600.

Dedicated Press Release: We'll draft and globally distribute a dedicated press release, just for your work. Your press release will be published on premium news outlets like Yahoo! News, making you own the media and look good on search engines, for just ₦36,000.

Marketing Materials: We'll design realistic mockups for your work that you could use while marketing your work on social media. We'll also create a beautiful presentation video for your work, which you could publish on Youtube. This service costs ₦10,000. We could also throw in a beautifully-crafted one-page website for your work for an additional ₦15,000.

Our story
After starting two Internet companies and eventually selling them to American companies, Chidi Nwaogu and Chika Nwaogu asked themselves, “What’s next?” This time, they wanted something that is actually solving a problem. They wanted something that will actually challenge them as entrepreneurs. The question remained, “What’s the big idea?” This question was left unanswered for years. During these years, Chidi wrote a book and his twin brother Chika recorded a song. After writing his book, Chidi began searching for a publisher, and his twin was hunting for a record label.

Chidi and Chika Nwaogu, the Founders
For years, they couldn’t find any who didn’t demand money. Eventually, Chidi became his own publisher, and Chika started a small record label. They were both successful with their projects. Chidi was able to get his book across hundreds of platforms and Chika was able to get his song across hundreds of websites. This was when the question was finally answered.

The big idea is “start a publishing company for struggling African writers and musicians to get their works seen by the rest of the world.” Publiseer was eventually founded.

The idea for Publiseer was birthed during the early days of 2017 so you can call it a new year’s idea. However, it was only launched August 4th, 2017. The goal is to promote the creativity of Africans to the rest of the world, and what better way to do this than to sell our culture to others through written words (using books) and spoken words (using music).

Naming the platform was a critical time, and we had so many brilliant names, but we chose the name ‘Publiseer’, which is a pun on the word ‘publisher’, and which also means ‘publish’ in Afrikaans, a language of Southern Africa — after all, we are Africans too.

At Publiseer, we call any place ‘office’, even our homes, because we work overtime, and during the weekends, publishing books and music, because we are passionate about what we do.

Our Achievements

  • Publiseer was inducted into the International Publishing Distribution Association, an international organisation for companies active in print and digital media, becoming the first African publishing company to join the organization.
  • Publiseer emerged as a finalist at the Harvard Business School's 2018 New Venture Competition, an annual event sponsored by the Harvard Business School’s Rock Center for Entrepreneurship and Alumni Clubs & Associations.
  • Publiseer was shortlisted for Startupbootcamp Lagos competition, an event hosted around the world to meet top-tier early-stage companies.
  • Publiseer was admitted into IdeaGist startup incubation program which offers startup companies guidance, access to resources and connections.
  • Publiseer was nominated for the 'Top 100 SMEs' Award, organized by Connect Nigeria and Union Bank of Nigeria.
  • Publiseer emerged a finalist for the African Young Entrepreneurs Empowerment Nigeria’s (AYEEN) 2018 entrepreneurship program.
  • Chidi Nwaogu, Publiseer's CEO, was awarded a scholarship at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) entrepreneurial-in-training program.
  • Publiseer was accepted into Accelerate Labs acceleration program, organized by Microsoft Nigeria and The Future Project. In June 2018, Publiseer was selected as a finalist to pitch on the Demo Day of the program.
  • Publiseer was selected for the shortlist of startups to pitch at the Disrupt Africa Live Pitch Competition.
  • Publiseer was accepted to Ayada Lab incubation program, organized by the Goethe Institut and Institut Français, in partnership with Ventures Platform Foundation.
  • Publiseer partnered with Italian ebook aggregator StreetLib to distribute more African literature across global platforms.
  • Publiseer is one of the Nigerian startups rewarded with a co-working space voucher from the Lagos State Government through its Lagos Innovates program
  • Publiseer was selected as one of the startups to compete at the Startup Istanbul Challenge 2018 in Turkey.
  • Publiseer was awarded the 'Most Needed in the Region' award by the African Entrepreneurship Award.
  • Publiseer was selected for MIT's business incubator programme.
  • Publiseer was selected for The Best of Nigeria Ecosystem Challenge, organized by AfricArena Tech Conference.
  • Publiseer was selected for the Greentree Startup Lab Pitch Day.
  • Publiseer was accepted into the Venture Incubation Programme by the Graduate School of Business, University of Cape Town.
  • Publiseer was accepted into Google Ally.
  • Publiseer emerged as a finalist for the 4th AppsAfrica Innovation Awards for the 'Media & Entertainment' category. The Awards celebrate the best in mobile and tech from across Africa.
  • Publiseer was selected to be part of the Next 100 African Startups Initiative by The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the Egyptian Ministry of Investment and International Cooperation (MIIC).
  • The founders of Publiseer, Chidi Nwaogu and Chika Nwaogu were selected as the OD Young Persons of the Month for November 2018.
  • Publiseer was invited to Geneva Book Fair 2019.

The press love us, and we love them too!

We were pleased to be reviewed by these lovely publications. It hasn't only grown our reputation, but has also made our team most determined to provide the best in digital publishing.
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...and many more!

At the moment, Publiseer is only open to African authors and artists. In the near future, we'll expand our services to authors and artists in other continents.

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YOU CAN PUBLISH YOUR BOOKS OR MUSIC FOR FREE IN #NIGERIA … Feat @wearepubliseer@inventiveafrica

Publiseer is a member of SensXFellowship, G-57,, and the International Publishing Distribution Association.