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Mysteries of the Garden of Eden: Talent, Investment, Prosperity, New Jerusalem Church and the Master's Second Advent by Orukpe Andrew

There is this misconception the Garden of Eden is still physically on earth. The devil was the keeper of Eden, it was when he fell God planted it on earth. The Garden of Eden was heaven on earth and when God destroyed the earth, He would not have destroyed any part of heaven with it.

We were created with a heavenly body, to keep the heavenly garden, but we lost it through Adam and that was what Christ came to restore unto us. The devil had that body, a body beautified and covered with precious stones. Those precious stones were talents and have been taken away from him and distributed among men according to their abilities. That big and attractive former office of the devil, Eden, has been split into chambers of talents.

If the garden is no more physically on earth, then, where is it? How can you locate it, fulfil your part and be fruitful? Get all the answers and more in this book.

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PRINT LENGTH: 36 pages
PUBLICATION DATE: December 5, 2017
ISBN: 9781386076421

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